Below is a summary of the 2/22/21 letter from WOCA expressing huge gratitude for our literary community and clarifying what’s next. 


  1. Let’s celebrate. 180+ writers and teachers signed a strike pledge; 100+ wrote 113 pages of letters in support. THANK YOU.

  2. While we are not interested in calling an actual strike, the pledge to strike provided tremendous leverage. Please keep your names on to maintain that leverage for the second condition of the pledge: for the board to sign a power-sharing agreement with our community.

  3. We apologize and take full responsibility for any confusion wrought by our miscommunications with volunteer organizers about the content of the strike pledge. Our Feb 8 letter contained 4 demands, but the strike pledge contains only the 2 most prominent: 

    • the ED’s resignation

    • a transparent, community-led racial equity process via power-sharing agreement.

  4. Please stay involved and vocal in the upcoming search for HH’s new ED, and in the continuing hard work of racial equity. 


It is our request that those BIPOC members and allies who feel passionate about racial equity work contact us, Hugo House, and the larger community about taking leadership roles in this ongoing movement. Learn what specific steps you can take now


We are so proud of what we as a community have accomplished, and we know that the hard work to come will help Hugo House towards being its best self—an inclusive space for all writers.

Hugo House Teachers and Speakers